Fit To Fat

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Fit To Fat

Do you remember the TV program of the Trainer who went from Fit to Fat to Fit so

he could “understand” what his clients were going through?

Today I am reminded of my oft used words in my training & educational environs:


If you work-out for an hour at moderate to high intensity you might burn between
400 to 800 calories depending on many factors — if you eat 1 extra “meal” and sit
more than you used too, OOPS – Poundage is a coming upon you.
Since approximately 3500 calories equals one pound – 500 calories ingested or not
spent as energy per day gives you a weight gain of 1 pound a week – We’ve been in
this holding pattern of various stay at home type orders for 4 to 6 weeks already – if
we sit another 4 to 6 weeks – in this scenario you would be 8 to 12 pounds heavier.
Fat cells are active tissue and the body adapts to this extra by building more
delivery system called capillaries (tiny blood vessels). With Fat being more
metabolically active than muscle, the oxygenated blood carrying nutrients for
Energy & Repair shunts away from muscle. Muscle not placed under demand
(contraction) isn’t fed as much and is therefore expendable. The proteins we ingest
don’t rebuild these spent muscles. Therefore, you look less muscular and more plumpy.

Recall that Vessels are the oxygen and nutrient delivery system. Blood is the
delivery vehicle. If there is more of you, and the same volume and components of
blood in your body, then that blood has to move more rapidly through your delivery
system placing additional stress and pressure on your heart and lungs and vessels
(higher blood pressure, more rapid heart beat, higher rate of respiration) to meet
now higher Metabolic/Energy demands because of your additional plumpy-ness.
If you know me, you know i love my food too. So, enjoy yourself daily. I am not a
“you can’t eat that” and “only eat this” kind of Guy/Scientist/Trainer. But Choices Do Matter.

That reminds me of another of my oft used phrases about 

Cheat Meals:


So, to offset this potential issue, every once in a while today, move a little extra,
keep those vessels open so that oxygenated blood can flow from your lungs to your
heart through your vessels to feed your muscle tissues so they don’t lose their integrity. i.e. move more to stay healthy.

Our Bodies are amazing – many more details – but, i’ll spare you!!!
Remember find an exercise scientist who is adept at science and expressive like an
artist to help you. Because knowledge only becomes wisdom if you understand and use that info correctly.