Four Foods that Detox Your Body

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Four Foods that Detox Your Body

Valentines Day is right around the corner. The feeling of romance is in the air, the way lovers look at one another brings a feeling that can’t be matched. It’s pretty great. But you know what’s not so great? The amount of sugar and alcohol we all usually consume during the romantic holiday. Between the candy and the sweet pink cocktails, I am bound to do a number on my body. Sure it’s fun to celebrate with the one I love, but afterwards I can feel sluggish and bloated. I’ve seen this cycle before. I’ll be ready for a detox.

All the endorphins that come from a heart shaped box of chocolates have a price. You feel me? So, what can I put in to undo some of that damage? Luckily, there are foods that detox your body. I’m going to discuss four such foods today. This way, you can be prepared. Hallmark holiday or not, it’s hard to resist the temptation of delightfully decadent treats. I want you to discover exactly what makes these four superfoods so powerful, so you’ll be motivated to work them into your diet. This way, when the drag that follows the holiday sets in, you can get back to feeling 100% in no time!

This won’t be my first time needing a detox. I’m sure there are people who can be totally perfect with their diet all day, every day. But I am not one of them! I really believe in living my life, and sometimes that means having a little too much sugar or a few too many drinks. You can’t always be stressing what you’re putting into your body, right? Sometimes, you need a break from the regimen. But the key to doing so is to provide balance. 

Living healthy long-term means providing your body what it needs to recover when you splurge. Otherwise, you are going to pay the price that comes along with the cheat foods you indulge in. So today, I am highlighting some foods that detox your body. Work them into what you’re eating to help yourself feel better ASAP!


Before I get into this, I just want to say that WATER IS VERY IMPORTANT when you’re trying to detox. Water is necessary to flush things out, so make sure you’re drinking plenty of it. And, while you’re detoxing, make sure you steer clear of processed foods and sugar, too. You probably eat enough of them already. Avoiding this man-made garbage just gives your body less work to do when it’s trying to get rid of any leftover holiday junk. Ok, well now that I got that out of the way, here are four foods to help you detox.


As far as foods that detox your body, goes garlic is a powerhouse. It has antibacterial, antibiotic, and antiviral properties for starters. Plus, it helps your body make white blood cells, which helps you fight infections. When you eat well, you stay well. Garlic also helps balance blood pressure and cholesterol levels, while protecting your liver, basically giving you a way to undo any bad food/drink choices you’ll probably make on date night. But, it does leave you with pretty bad breath, so you’ll want to wait until after Valentines day to eat it. 

What’s the main reason garlic is on our list though? It helps your body make glutathione, which helps it filter out toxins from your digestive system. I should mention though that raw garlic is better for detoxing than cooked garlic. So add it to your salad dressings or mix it into some hummus.


Lemon is plain good for you. Squeeze it over your salad, put some on your fish, or add it to your water. Just get it into your diet. It’s easy to add to so many dishes, so just do it. Lemons are packed full of antioxidants, which protect your cells against oxidative stress. This means it can  prevent a whole bunch of health issues, including cancer. 

So why is it on our list? In short, because antioxidants help to keep you healthy even if you haven’t made the best food choices recently. And because lemons are alkaline, they help your body get back to the right pH balance, making it way easier to detox naturally. Your body does a good job of detoxing all on its own, but you want to give it the ideal conditions to do so.


Love them or hate them, artichokes, too, have plenty of antioxidants (more than any other vegetable, actually), plus they have a ton of fiber. Anyone who’s ever detoxed knows, fiber is the key to detox. Without getting too graphic, let’s just say that all this extra fiber will help your body eliminate waste. When detoxing, high-fiber foods are the way to go. 


Since, you’ll be doing plenty of digestion with a high-fiber diet. It makes perfect sense to have something that aids digestion. Ginger’s is a no-brainer, because it does exactly this. Plus, if you’re feeling a little bloated after going big for Valentines day, ginger will help you out. It definitely helps to reduce belly bloat. Also, it’s worth noting that it is an anti-inflammatory and it has a ton of antioxidants, too.