Four Life Hacks for Healthy Living

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Four Life Hacks for Healthy Living

Life hacks, we hear that phrase all the time now. But, we also also live in a fast paced world, where any trick that can save time and effort is much desired. So thank, God, we live in the era of life hacks, right? If you haven’t tried frozen grapes to keep your wine cold, you’re really missing out. 

Part of the modern era is that we have so many choices. There are tons of food at the super market that claim to be healthy, some of them more so than others. Knowing which of them are truly essential can be harder, but one thing gets easier. As our society makes it easier to get a variety of options, it gets much easier for me to make good food choices. 

Part of that is thanks to these healthy eating life hacks. Here are five of my best ones. 


It’s way easier to make good choices for the half hour you spend at the grocery store than it is to be disciplined for the entire week after. But when you’re doing your shop, it’s just as easy to throw unnecessary stuff in your cart. Don’t do it! Temptation can be so hard. Maybe you think, you’ll only eat one Swiss Cake roll, but after it finds its way to your cabinet, the second one will be calling your name. Psych yourself up before you head into the store so make good choices. Have the mindset that you’re going to make positive choices. Better yet, hit the farmer’s market. Then you can skip temptation altogether. Plus, you’ll be supporting local farmers. 


Girls! Having a good juice blender makes it insanely easy. Having a way to put together awesome smoothies is a way to get nutrition into your diet with basically no effort. They even make ones where you can blend right in a cup and be ready to go.  Whipping up flavorful, super-healthy smoothies and drinks with no artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors definitely beats the sugar-packed sports drinks. So why not do it? Adding a daily smoothie to the mix can blend fruit, vegetables, and superfoods, into a powerhouse of a beverage. Might sound silly, but you should do it, just because it’s easy! And the easier it is to put healthy foods in, the more likely you are to actually eat healthy. 


There is a reason that personal trainers tell you to prep your meals for the week. Having a plan, means you are more likely to stick to it, versus heading to the drive through. Again, the easier you can make healthy eating, the more likely you are to stick with it every single day. That’s why I always hyping up meal prepping. I swear, it changed my life. You might have to set aside a few hours each weekend to prep all your meals and get them packed into Tupperware, but the effort saves you so much time through the week. 


Suggesting that you download another app might sound silly? But I’ve found so many good healthy eating hacks on there! You’ll find tons of recipes and tricks for eating healthy. Search for meal prep hacks, 5-minute recipes, and healthy dishes. You’ll be surprised what you can discover. Anything to replace that slice of pizza has got to be a win, doesn’t it?