Melissa Morris

Melissa Morris

Melissa Morris

Public Relations / Marketing

Melissa's Bio

Melissa Morris an accomplished professional with more than 20 years of diversified experience and success with major strengths in Public Relations, Film Marketing, Marketing, Philanthropist, Media Relations, Social Media and Consultant for companies ranging from service niche businesses to “Fortune 500” corporations.

Melissa Morris is well known in the film industry as one of the top publicists to celebrities. Melissa is known for turning coal into diamonds with people.. She wears many hats besides PR, Marketing, Media Relations, Philanthropy, and Consulting. Melissa is one of society’s guardians who use her expertise to ensure everyone experiences a life worth living.”

Melissa has worked with many nonprofit foundations. She has brought in over $2.5 million dollars working with Corporate Sponsors, Fundraising, and utilizing her expertise in public relations.

*Melissa’s experience in starting non-profits, executive director, executive board director. She excels working with children. Melissa has empowered young people to overcome trauma, learn healthy coping mechanisms, life skills, and to unlock their potential with a purpose utilizing the creative arts.

Melissa has been the executive director for a Michigan Coalition. Her experience in seeking to create sustainable systems that curb illegal access and reduce use of alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs in the community. Substance abuse is a complex social and health problem that requires community wide solutions. Melissa works with the community, to achieve measurable and sustainable change! Melissa has been actively supported by businesses, schools, the health community, and parents in her efforts to educate and advocate our way to a drug-free community.

Melissa is a dependable, thorough, and well-organized planner with a successful record of accomplishment in coordinating and adopting new ideas. She has extensive organizational and planning skills – completely reorganized marketing departments to improve efficiency.