Our Founder

Why were we founded?

5D.Fitness is the brainchild of Tommy Malone, Jr. When incarcerated in Federal Prison, he got a calling
to help others overcome adversity. He wasn’t sure how or when it would be done, but knew nonetheless that it was “his calling”

Mr. Malone has experienced an incredible amount of adversity in his life and has faced each tragedy with a positive mindset. His experience, he openly shares and uses it to help others.

Since Mr. Malone is not an expert in every area that life tends to throw upon us, he has elected to have a frequent show, The 5 Dimensions of Fitness where he features a different person that has different experiences that also wants to give back.

So, what are the 5 Dimensions of Fitness? Let’s first start with being a fit all around. We must strive to be fit in multiple areas of life and the human psyche. What is 5D.Fitness?

Tommy Malone

Tommy Malone, Jr.

Our Founder