Our Mission

What is 5D.Fitness?

Mr. Malone has identified 5 areas where we must strive to be “Fit”

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Financial

These 5 areas encompass much more than meets the eye initially. As the different episodes of “The 5D Fit Show” point out, 5D.Fitness is a full service resource to connect EVERYONE with providers that offer exactly what you are searching for out of life.

The idea for all the episodes of the show came very simply from the onset of COVID 19. Mr Malone tested positive for COVID 19 in April 2020 and never knew it. He has since tested negative numerous times. The show and how it’s all videoed “virtually” is a product of how our world shifted with COVID 19. Now, with this technology we bring you something that is sure to be a valuable resource for years to

Please enjoy this resource and feel free to leave comments in the comment section.

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