The Power of Concentration and Powerful Concentration Exercises

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The Power of Concentration and Powerful Concentration Exercises

What to improve your concentration? Well it requires practice, just like everything else in life.

Do you go to the gym? If you do, you probably go so many times a week for so long. If you’ve learned a second language? I’m sure you practiced, for so long. Learning to concentrate is not different. You need training and practice. 

Minds like to wander. They don’t like discipline. They will resist your efforts to discipline it. But even ten minutes a day can help. The mind loves it’s freedom and often doesn’t want you to become the master of it.  But, the choice is yours, to be mastered by the mind and the circus within, or to be its master.

I’m going to share with you few simple concentration exercises. These mental exercises can help you train the mind and put it in its proper place, as your servant, instead of your boss and master. Ok… this next part might seem strange to you. But you are not the mind, nor are the thoughts that pass through it. I know this can be hard to accept, but it’s true. 

Most people believe that they are their mind. They erroneously believe that controlling the mind means suppressing some part of them and denying their freedom. But, this view is not correct. 

The proof that we are not the mind comes with training, ask any Buddhist monk. Accept the idea in theory, and in time, as your control over your thoughts will grow. You’ll then know it to be a face. The real you is the one mastering the mind. It’s not the mind mastering itself.

Here are Some Powerful Concentration Exercises

First, find somewhere where you won’t be disturbed. If you wish, you can sit cross legged on the floor, but most people find it more comfortable to sit straight on a chair. Take a few calm deep breaths, and then relax your body, by directing your attention to it, focusing on each muscle, from head to toe.

This is the first exercise, devote a few minutes to it each day. You can increase the length of time, over time. Wow! You’re meditating.

When you can do that, you’re well on your way. The next exercise is to simply be. Allow your thought to come, but then realize that each is only a thought. You want to focus on being present in the moment. Ideally, you want to be able to be in the moment without getting distracted by all the thoughts. 

It will be hard at first, but eventually you’ll be able to sit without thinking about much else while practicing it. Congratulations, you’ve mastered your mind. Now you should be able to concentrate on any task in much the same way.