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Wes Upchurch

Wes Upchurch

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Wesley's Bio

Wes Upchurch is an accomplished professional with more than a decade of experience designing and developing and promoting websites and applications. He is an expert in Internet Marketing, Online Public Relations, and Search Engine Optimization. 

Wesley Upchurch has extensive experience working with major manufacturing and distribution companies and is highly experienced in the family entertainment business. He’s organized music festivals, fundraisers for local charities, and large scale industry conventions. Wes has built and sold several successful online businesses and is highly sought after for consulting in startups and digital marketing. Wes is also well known in the education industry, helping colleges and universities develop several distance education programs.

He currently operates SearchResults.repair, an online reputation repair company that works to give the formerly incarcerated a fresh start. Using tools usually reserved for celebrities and major corporations, SearchResults provides second chances to qualified professionals by establishing individuals as industry authorities so that they can overcome the challenges they face post-release. Without his life changing services, many would otherwise return to a life of crime. 

Wesley Upchurch holds numerous technology certifications, degrees in computer information management and web design, as well as a variety of certificates in unrelated fields. He was an Invited Expert to the W3C working group on HTML5, the nonprofit group that developed the language that powers the web today. Since, earning his Eagle Scout badge he has consistently served the needs of his community and received congressional recognition for his contributions. 

It’s worth noting, that Mr. Upchurch has long been an advocate for liberty and social justice. This led to him being appointed by the mayor of Columbia to serve on a city committee of technology and was the youngest person to ever been nominated by a political party as a candidate for Secretary of State in Missouri. He testified against Cole County, Missouri regarding the cruel conditions that inmates there were forced to endure. As a person with a passion for reform and a Certified Paralegal, Wes has drafted many motions for individuals wrongly convicted or sentenced.